It Only Takes One Weekend To

Heal Past, Painful Memories... matter what you've been told



The Lord heals completely, permanently and quickly.

The Lord heals completely, permanently and quickly.

Just one weekend of us working together with the Lord and

trauma memories are no longer painful.

Years of therapy are not necessary.

You can experience the peace of God instead of the pain of the past in just days - not years.

The results from a Weekend Breakthrough are complete, immediate and permanent. No more limping through life. Once the painful memories have been processed they are forever resolved.

For my clients, that has meant that their painful memories:

  • hold no more power to disrupt daily life...

  • are not causing limitations in thinking that keep them playing small...

  • are no longer stopping them from enjoying success...

  • hold no more shame...

  • they feel at peace with what once caused heartache...

  • they are truly healed, whole and free of past, painful memories.

This is true Christian Counseling

This is what should happen when Christ is a part of the counseling process - nothing less than complete healing should be expected.

We have a GREAT God!

He does the impossible. He is able and He is powerful. Full healing shows that nothing that a sinful world has done to you is a match for His goodness and mercy.

You WILL be fully healed of your trauma and abuse memories. He hasn't failed yet with anyone I've worked with.

Now, that you are healed,

you need to be empowered to live as a healed person

We start with deep, restorative Christian counseling in our Weekend Breakthrough together and then we move seamlessly into Life Coaching in The Connected Heart Project.

For, the next three months we work closely together to create a life that until now you could only dream about.

You Are Automatically Enrolled in The Connected Heart Project - for FREE

This is the fun part. This is where we take life back from a painful past!

This is where we refine and design a life that is loved - the life that has been just out of reach until now.

After our Weekend Breakthrough, I am there to help every area of life from mindset to practical daily living. We ensure that we undo the damage that the past did and equip you in how to live abundantly in the present.

This is absolutely the best of both worlds.

First, you are healed of your past, painful memories. That in itself is amazing and wonderful!

Next, we rebuild your identity and life as a woman that is free of the past pain through The Connected Heart Project which I give to you as a gift. (This is a $4800 gift)

You see, being healed doesn't mean that you know how to live that way. There will still be old survival skills and missing pieces to a successful life.

So, we focus in on continued growth and restoration from mindset to relationships to designing an amazing future and more.

Between the Weekend Breakthrough and our three months together in the Connected Heart Project...

  • We discover and repair the fractures in the soul foundations in one weekend...

  • We uncover the limiting beliefs that get in the way and steal success...

  • We restore a true identity to feel at peace inside...

  • We bring out who you were always meant to be...

  • We set life's purpose free...

  • We remove obstacles to joy!

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Every one of my past clients are living proof that this works. They made the investment to change their life and it is paying them back every day.

We are healing the past and giving you back your future.

No more under the surface issues interfering with living the best life possible today.

Just two steps to take to find out more: book a consultation time and fill out the application. Let's see if a Weekend Breakthrough is the best path to be healed, whole and free.

(Don't you think you need a full weekend intensive? Let's talk.)

I only work with six clients in a year.

The Weekend Breakthrough is for the woman who is done playing small.

She knows that she is capable of greatness but has struggled because of a past that still has a grip on her.

But, she is ready to take action. She has the means to invest in her healing and reclaim her future.

When shown the way, she won't hesitate to move down the path.

That is why there is an application process. I want to make sure that this is the best path for healing and restoration and that my clients and I are a good fit to work together.

After all, I will go into the deepest places with you and show you the way out. You have to walk through it.

My friends keep commenting on how different I am since the weekend breakthrough. I feel different too.  If I had known I could heal from my past in just a few days I would have done this years ago. Better late than never, right? Thank you, Kim. You have changed my entire future.  Keisha

For anyone, who needs and wants healing, without the whole months and/or years of counseling without any true and lasting freedom. I highly recommend Dr. Kim West!

I praise God for sending His chosen vessel along when He did.   Mischelle

I thanked Our Lord sooooo much for sending you into my life. You saved it...I was at the brink of the pit... So I asked Our Lord to bless you for all you have done to help me...putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again and for pulling me off the ledge. Elizabeth

Here is What To Expect From Working With Me:

  • Be released from that life enlarges. No more small living...

  • The heart is healed... so that there is no more pain from the past. Those wounds are gone...

  • Your Mind comes under control...So that the inner bully is silenced and no longer held captive to negative thoughts...

  • Get your power back...So that there is a victorious life rather than victim living...

  • Get the future back...So that all options are back on the table. Nothing from the past can interfere...

  • Change daily life for good...So that today isn't determined by the past pain...

  • Decide to have healthier relationships...So that boundaries are set, toxic people are removed and those that give life are present...

  • Remove obstacles to joy...So that every day can start with a smile and a light heart...

  • Breakthrough inner limits...So that going bigger and succeeding is totally possible...

  • Stop the anxiety and worries about the future...So that today is filled with power and God's presence...

  • Become the fullest, best version of yourself...So that you fully enjoy being you and impacting the world because of who you are.

  • Gain self-confidence...So that the sky’s the limit...

  • Be comfortable in your own skin...So that the woman in the mirror is loved...

  • Reimagine an amazing life...So that life moves in the direction chosen rather than reacting to the life given.

Kim, you’re counseling is phenomenal. 

No one is doing what you do! C

I think you are the best Christian counselor I've ever counseled with and I’ve been to a dozen in my lifetime. In my spirit I believe this is such a sacred calling and I hope God blesses you with many clients. Melissa

I walked into the weekend intensive with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked out free as a bird.  God is so good and Dr. Kim is an amazing counselor.  Rachel


I’ve been doing what others say can’t be done for two decades – completely and permanently healing trauma, abuse and mental roadblocks quickly and easily.

No years of therapy. No tolerable recovery, just removing all obstacles to success.

Combining my doctorate in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and Master of Divinity plus twenty plus years of success-based counseling, I have brought real healing and true freedom to a thousand clients.

I’ve truly become the expert in getting my clients free from the pain and shame of past abuse and trauma AND I know how to help them to live out a powerful, joyful, growing Christian life.

Working with the Lord to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free is my call and purpose in life.

Are you my next Weekend Breakthrough?

I Can't Wait to Connect with You

...about dreams of life when you are healed, whole and free.

...about how our great God is ready and able to heal you from the foundations up.

...and give you the hope of true restoration.

Don't you think you need a full weekend intensive?

Aren't you ready for a free and powerful life?

I Can't Wait to Connect with You

...about dreams of life when you are healed, whole and free.

...about how our great God is ready and able to heal you from the foundations up.

...and give you the hope of true restoration.

Don't you think you need a full weekend intensive?

Aren't you ready for a free and powerful life?

I couldn't have been more skeptical but I also couldn't take the pain anymore. I'd been in counseling before and it didn't change anything. So, why would this weekend intensive thing work?  

Well, it did! I'm still stunned. Those memories that haunted me don't bother me at all now. Instead, when I do think about them, and it isn't often, I just feel the peace of Christ. I am forever grateful for what Dr. West has done for me. I am healed and free!


The sessions I had with Kim were amazing! 

She encourages, empathizes and is compassionate. Always pointing us to Christ. God is using Kim in a mighty way no doubt about that and God has truly gifted her with the ability to speak truth in such a short time. 

God has gifted Kim with a uniqueness and style all of her own, she is being led by the Spirit and is willing to use her gifts and talents as the Lord leads. Kim radiates the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit within her is very powerful.


Every so often I think of you and thank GOD for you in helping me in such a powerful way i.e. saving my life, helping me put my soul back together and supporting me thru such a brutal time of suffering in my life. You were an answer to prayer and a BLESSING that by God's grace I will never forget and will always be thankful for. May you continue to be an instrument of consoling the afflicted, instructing the ignorant, counseling the doubtful and helping people find freedom and healing in Christ. M

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