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Want to grow your practice without increasing your hours?

What happens in a Weekend Breakthrough is truly astonishing! Our God is mighty to heal. That, in itself, is incredibly fulfilling to see and be a part of. This is also the vehicle to grow our practices.

Working just one weekend a month you could make what you make doing full-time sessions all year long. Or much more.

A Weekend Breakthrough's value is in giving our clients back their lives.

We free them from their past and open up a brand new future for them. What is that worth? They invest with you, the specialist, at specialist rates to get these amazing results.

My clients, at the end of their Weekend Breakthrough, tell me that the healing they received is worth ten times their investment. And, that their limitations before the weekend had cost them much on every level.

It is time for YOU to decide if you are called to this type of trauma healing and that it is time to prosper in your practice financially.

In my book, "In His Name" (see sidebar), I will show you how to do both.

I’ll be holding Weekend Breakthrough Training early in 2022 with just a handful of Christian counselors.

If you are ready to learn exactly how to bring the same healing and freedom to your clients, then let’s talk. We will discuss your dreams for your clients and your goals for your practice.

I will tell you the details of the 5-day training so you can begin quickly healing your clients in your own Weekend Breakthroughs.

After our 5-days together you will be ready to hold Weekend Breakthroughs for your trauma clients. AND, I will work with you continuing your training, honing your skills, encouraging and supporting you for a FULL YEAR. If you choose, I will even do (and pay for) your marketing so that we send clients your way for the full year.

This type of specialized healing is so vital to our brothers and sisters in Christ and I want to ensure that you are fully equipped in every way for success.

Training Spaces are Very Limited!

The 5-day training has only 10 spots available.

The training is hands-on, intimate and intensive. So, I have kept the roster deliberately small. This way I know each person attending will receive individual attention, get their questions answered, receive in-depth training and have time for supervised practice.

We are going to get to know one another deeply in our time together. We will need that as we spend the next year together as a group and one-on-one.

This is an investment for you and for me. We both need to be fully on board. I know that I am.

I can’t wait to talk with you. I’m so excited that counselors across the country will now be fully freeing their clients from the bondage of their pasts.

Let's start with you!


Time to take back your life.

Live Healed, Whole and Free

We were told that trauma will never be completely healed. 


Every client. Completely. Permanently. Healed.

In just a weekend.

I know that sounds impossible but I have had the same results over and over.

Trauma CAN be healed completely and quickly

When Christ is in our sessions, miracles happen every time

This type of trauma counseling will grow your practice in a big way

If you’re ready to learn the method I use to quickly bring full trauma healing to your clients…

Changing the lives of those most broken and hurt by the world…

While learning how to work with the Lord in your practice…

Rapidly building trust with your results...

...and eliminating the heartache of seeing your trauma clients still in pain after all your hard work with them...

My latest book, In His Name, can show you what to do.

And you can double your practice or better as you bring full healing to your clients.

I have used this method very successfully for two decades. It works and I can teach you how to do the same.

What you will learn:

  • Why trauma clients tap out of counseling and how a single weekend counseling intensive is more powerful and productive than months of sessions

  • ​Why your trauma clients are fractured at the deepest levels and how to repair the foundational damage completely, permanently and quickly.

  • ​How you can double your income while bringing healing to your trauma clients. Even earn a normal year's income working just one weekend per month.

Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Kim West PHD, MDIV

Ph.D. from Colorado Theological Seminary and a Master of Divinity from Phoenix Seminary. She is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Christian Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been in ministry to the body of Christ for 20 years. To her, all that she does is about removing any obstacles to being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

She works with individuals to actually find themselves in Christ and have their lives truly function well in Him. Often she is serving those most hurt by the world – those who have experienced severe trauma and abuse and helping them to find complete healing from the pain and the memories.

She has seen the Lord heal hundreds. Nothing has been too difficult for Him.

Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn and his industry-leading team are responsible for delivering 8-figures in annual sales on Amazon. Operating in online marketing for 17 years, he is an international speaker, advisor, co-founder of SellerEvents, co-founder of Titan Network, head mentor on China Magic, and more recently the co-creator of ASM.

Don't Take It From Us...


"The sessions I had with Kim were amazing! She encourages, empathizes, and is compassionate. Always pointing us to Christ. God is using Kim in a mighty way no doubt about that and God has truly gifted her with the ability to speak truth in such a short time.

God has gifted Kim with a uniqueness and style all of her own, she is being led by the Spirit and is willing to use her gifts and talents as the Lord leads. Kim radiates the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit within her is very powerful."

- Madison

"The first time I heard myself laugh, really laugh, was after the weekend breakthrough with Kim West. Life is supposed to have joy but my abuse had stolen my ability to experience it.

Just one weekend and my life is completely different. I love that we also met weekly for the next two months after the weekend together so that I could learn how to live a healed life. I laugh a lot these days because God has completely healed me from the abuse."

- Terri

"I couldn't have been more skeptical but I also couldn't take the pain anymore. I'd been in counseling before and it didn't change anything. So, why would this weekend intensive thing work?

Well, it did! I'm still stunned. Those memories that haunted me don't bother me at all now. Instead, when I do think about them, and it isn't often, I just feel the peace of Christ. I am forever grateful for what Dr. West has done for me. I am healed and free!"

- Suzanne

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